About company

Slevarna hliniku is a medium-sized company. Our main activity is production of aluminium casts. We use technologies of gravity casting and high-press casting with following machining. We offer surface treatment, painting and production of molds as well.

The planned finishing of the reconstruction of the production building, which will enable the future development of the company. Not only in terms of space and technology, but also environmental.

Slévárna hliníku - nová hala

There was realized a next upgrade of our machinery and technical equipment in the year 2018. Higher accuracy and productivity of our machining dept. was powered by the investment into new CNC centre Chiron FZ 15 W. It has been decided to replace all melting ovens by the modern gas units at the same time. These are equipped with programable burners for management of melting and maintenance process. This complete upgrade will be finished in the year 2019.

There was built up a new production hall 400 m2 including installing of a new casting machine DEL CASTING 630

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To increase our capacity and improve quality of machined parts was realized in the year 2014 an investment into new 4-axis vertical machining centre DOOSAN DNM 400, 4-axis vertical machining centre DOOSAN DNM 430 and 3D measuring systém CNC ARES NT.

In the years 2010–2011 was instaled machine for production of sand cores GIFOS VGi 6,5. We equiped our quality dept. by the X-ray machine Seifert 160 kV. There was instaled new CNC machining centre DOOSAN VC 500 too, what increased our production capacity and give us the possibility to work bigger parts.

The machinery and quality of our services are continuously growing. Since the year 2007 is foundry a branches company of holding Onivon a.s Hradec Kralove. Slevarna hliniku s.r.o. is member of Foundry Union of Czech Republic www.svazslevaren.cz

There were realised an investment into high-press casting machine CLH 250 and electrical keep oven with the volume 250 kg.

Acquisition by Slevarna hliniku s.r.o. in the year 1992 was a turning point in the history of company. Contemporary history of foundry is characterized by increasing of production of gravity castings, implementation of high-press technology and working in vertical machining centres Chiron, Doosan and CNC lathes Hyundai. Management of company used modern methods and SW tools.

The tradition of foundry in Novy Bor dates back to year 1910. At the beginning was fusion of two smaller family companies – tool factory and foundry. The new foundry was growing and started offer its services to customers from wider surroundings too. The company was always distinguished by high quality of its products.