Our company set off a goal to satisfy needs and requests of curent as well as future customers in the range of conformity, reliability and safety of products. We put emphasis on the quality, keen prices, delivery terms, scale of manufacture and environment-friendly behaviour. We meet obligations to ours customers making use of experience and know-how of our employees, experience of our suppliers and customers with the seeking and using of new products on the market.

We intend to invest in employee´s education to raise their environment knowledge with the target to ensure added stability of QMS in the conformity with the norm ISO 9001-2015.


The company Slevarna hliniku s.r.o. secure stable quality of all products in competitive and economical prices. The machinery and all needed equipment will be maintained in high technical level and will be still developed and increased. The quality of products is checked by the system of quality inspections with using of modern measuring device, inspection methods and special SW (e.g. SPC process control). The company stays in touch with the customers during whole production process.

QMS ensure continuous improving of production process and supporting activities in acordance with the norm ISO 9001:2015.


Our company is aware of the fact each man is a part of nature and his activities have a big influence on the environment. We want to behave environment-friendly with minimization of possible negative effects for environment, to save our workers and surroundings. We want to keep possibility to utilize basic necessity of life as well for next generations. We want to save natural diversity and natural functions of ecosystem.

Thats why we decided to implement Environmental management system in our company leading to the higher level of environment saving like an integral part of our management system.

We would like to realize our plans in accordance with the Czech law and norm ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005.